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Gaming monitor singapore – When you are thinking about a gaming PC, what do you think about the monitor? Pro gamers use gaming computers, wear gaming headset, super cozy gaming chair, and also a gaming monitor. However, some other gamers use regular monitors. What makes both monitors different?   How important is it for a gamer to use a gaming monitor? Some gamers believe their gaming computer deserves a gaming monitor because of its excellent quality. To help you decide, learn everything about gaming monitors, what makes it different from regular monitors, and what are their similarities.   Differences Between Regular and Gaming Monitors   Gaming monitors are designed with higher response time and refresh rate than the regular ones. Also, these monitors that are designed for gamers will also run a lot of heavier games much more smoothly compared to the regular monitors. What are the other differences?   • The Good Difference   Because of the high response time as well as its better refresh rate, gaming monitors have become the favorite of professional gamers. Those pro gamers will be able to react to the movements of all enemies in real time, thanks to the response time as well as refresh rate that is more excellent.   Gaming monitors also have no latency. This is crucial since latency will block those pro gamers from winning the match. But if you are not a pro gamer, a regular monitor will be enough. Recreational players of Open World, RPGs, and strategy games don’t need monitors with high refresh rate.   • The Less Good Difference   Unfortunately, not all gaming monitors offer much better colour accuracy. In order to make the monitor work faster and provide a much smoother finish to various games, those monitors sacrifice the color reproduction and graphics end.   Also Read : 5 Best Methods to Connect to External Monitor   This means TVs and regular/productivity monitors come with better resolution compared to gaming monitors. However, those TVs and regular/productivity monitors won’t be able to run your game at a high refresh rate. Due to recent monitor technology development, there are some good colour accuracy monitor such as PIXLE 27" 4K UHD 144Hz 1ms Flat IPS Productivity/Gaming Monitor, it maxed out colour accuracy with high refresh rate. The only downside is the price tag is quite hefty.   Similarities Between Gaming and Regular Monitors   Actually, there are more similarities between both monitors compared to their differences. Below are some similarities shared by both types of monitors. Check them all and you’ll be able to find the best one for yourself.   • Monitor Resolution   Not all gaming monitors are designed with better resolution compared to the regular ones. Many graphic designers, gamers, and a lot of regular computer users would like to use a monitor that has a resolution of 1920×1080. However, editors usually prefer regular or 4K productivity monitors.   • Same Performances for Other Tasks   When you use the monitor to do other tasks, you won’t see much differences between both monitor types. Watching videos, browsing the internet, and playing some light games will feel the same on both monitors. The differences will be noticeable when you use the monitor to render a video or play games.   • Size and Aspect Ratio   Both gaming monitors and regular monitors usually have the same size. However, the price of those monitors is different though they share the same dimensions. Gaming monitors will always be pricier than the regular one because of its higher specs and better performance. Which one should you get?   The most crucial thing you need to do is consider your own gaming needs. If your game isn’t the heavy ones and you’re not planning to be a pro gamer, a budget gaming monitor will be more than enough.
2022-02-25 – Everything is going online today. Zoom, Teams, and many more online conference apps are getting more popular, especially since the pandemic attack. Most people use their laptop for video conferences or just to watch their favorite movies. But if you have a bigger monitor, connect your laptop to it. The Easiest Methods to Connect a Laptop and a Monitor By connecting your laptop to a monitor, you will also have several display screens. How to connect your laptop to a monitor? There are various ways you can take. Below are some of the easiest ways you need to try. 1. Using an HDMI Cable High Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI is one of the most common AV equipment today. This single cable is able to deliver the high definition audio visual signals. Many modern laptops are already equipped with one or more HDMI ports. Use it to connect the laptop to your bigger monitor. All you need to prepare is just an HDMI cable. Then simply use it to connect your laptop’s end to your monitor. Most high definition monitors have an HDMI port. But before purchasing any HDMI cable, it is best to make sure that your monitor has the HDMI port. 2. Leveraging a DisplayPort Cable DisplayPort or DP has an extremely similar function to HDMI cable. DP is able to transmit HD audio video signals to your monitor from the smaller laptop. Actually, DisplayPort is more common on monitors than HDMI port. How can you tell what port is owned by your monitor? The look of both ports is different. DP comes with five sides. The upper right corner of this port is slanted. The HDMI port has a different look. It comes with eight sides and identical look on the right and left corners. Which port can you find on your monitor? Get the male to male DP cable to connect your laptop and monitor. 3. Using a DVI Cable DVI is Digital Visual Interface, this one is the legendary option. Since DVI is older than the other options, the video quality that can be distributed by this cable is also lower than the other cables. However, this option can give you 2500×1600 resolution on the monitor. If your monitor is older than other monitors, it may be completed with a DVI input. Use a DVI cable to connect your laptop to the monitor. This will work but the video quality shown by the monitor won’t be as excellent as if you use the other options. 4. Connecting with a USB-C Cable This way will only work on laptops that are equipped with Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C video output option. How to use this cable to connect a laptop to a monitor? First of all, make sure that your monitor also has a USB-C port. Connect the USB-C output of your laptop to the USB-C input of your monitor with the cable. Or use the adapter of USB-C for DisplayPort or HDMI inputs. 5. Using an Adapter The last way to connect a laptop to a monitor is for you who want to use HDMI cable but the laptop has a DP output instead of HDMI port. Use a DP to HDMI adapter that will help you use HDMI cable to connect the laptop to your monitor. After connecting both devices, you will be able to see the extension or duplication of your laptop’s screen on the monitor. This will help you enjoy whatever activities you’re about to do in a much better way.