Pixle.sg - Good ergonomics can be implemented in many ways. An adjustable height desk, an ergonomic chair, or even a footrest can all help with it. What most people often overlook is their computer monitor’s position, despite working with it for hours on end.

The question is, how do you make your monitor as ergonomic as possible? You come to the right place. Here, we have some tips to help you position your computer monitor properly before you buy gaming monitor singapore

Find the Right Height

The top of your monitor is ideally about 2 inches higher than your eye level when seated or standing, if you are using a stand-up desk. Some companies provide adjustable monitor stands, some don’t. If your company provides them, adjusting the height will be easy.

If your company doesn’t, just grab some books, stack them, and stand your monitor on top of the stack so it can be about 2 inches higher than your eye level.

This also applies if you use a dual monitor setup. Ideally, the two monitors should have the same size, same height, same resolutions, and are positioned as close together as possible.

Adjust the Screen Brightness

Adjusting the brightness is important, too. Note that even if your company has set up the brightness of your monitor to a certain level, you don’t have to adhere to it at all times. If it is too dim, increase the level of brightness. Likewise, if it is too bright, reduce the level of brightness.

When you work with a monitor, you want it to have the right level of brightness. Set the level of brightness in a way that you can read the text comfortably, without straining or squinting your eyes.

Don’t Sit Too Close

You have set your computer monitor to the right height and brightness. The next thing to do is to sit properly. The proper sitting position is when you are neither too close nor too far from your monitor. That means no hunching over your desk or leaning far back into your chair.

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The ideal distance between you and your monitor is about the length of your arm. So, just sit and straighten your arm. If you can’t straighten your arm, move back until you can. Similarly, if it is too far, move forward so your monitor is within an arm’s length.

Tilt the Monitor Up or Down

Our last tip is to tilt your computer monitor up or down. Like the proper distance between you and your monitor, you need to tilt your monitor accordingly.

Let’s say that you read a document, an email, or an article on your screen. When you get to read the words toward the bottom of the page, you shouldn’t have to strain your neck.

To prevent your neck from straining, tilt your monitor up or down so that its downward viewing angle is about 60 degrees. This way, you will be able to read comfortably even when you reach the bottom of the page.

These are some tips you can try to set your computer monitor to the most comfortable level. Implementing good ergonomics is necessary. Good ergonomics can help you to be comfortable, and be more productive. Plus, good ergonomics can help reduce stress, too.